Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave Review




Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave

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The Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave is a compact yet powerful kitchen appliance. This microwave has 10 power level settings, 6 quick cook settings, a digital display, a child lock, and an automatically rotating turntable.

The microwave is easy to use and clean, ensuring cooking becomes hassle-free for busy people. Besides that, the child safety lock in this appliance makes it ideal for families with young children!


  • Cooks evenly and quickly
  • Easy to use 
  • Increased safety with child lock
  • Takes up less space


  • Push buttons are hard to read
  • Can be noisy

Given the busy lifestyle and the lack of time in the modern world, everyone wants the latest gadgets that save both effort and time. The same holds true for your kitchen, and a microwave is a must for smart cooking. 

For that, you will need a microwave that can perform multiple tasks with ease and make your culinary adventures more fun, like the Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave!

It is a versatile and state-of-the-art kitchen appliance that won’t take up much space on your counter but comes loaded with all the features. 

Are you wondering if it is the right microwave for you? If yes, dive right into this detailed review, where I will take you through the features and pros and cons to help you decide whether you should invest in this appliance or not. 


Dimension12.38″D x 17.81″W x 10.31″H
Item Weight23.1 pounds
Wattage700 watts
Capacity0.7 cubic feet
MaterialsStainless steel
Control MethodButtons

Noteworthy Features That Ensure Smooth Cooking

There are various brands offering numerous microwaves today, making it difficult to pick the one that suits your needs best. Here it becomes imperative to dive deeper into the features that an appliance has to offer to understand whether you should invest in it. 

Here are some of the advanced features of the Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave that will help you while cooking:

Innovative Design 

The compact microwave from Commercial Chef is 12.38″D x 17.81″W x 10.31″H in dimensions. It is best suited for small apartments, studios, or even dorm rooms. You can use it to prepare small and easy food items with a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet.

It comes with a tempered glass turntable that is 9.5 inches in diameter.

You can remove the turntable, and it is also dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleaning. It rotates the contents automatically to ensure even cooking throughout.

Moreover, the stainless steel exterior is durable enough to withstand regular use and sleek enough to go well with your modern kitchen aesthetic.

User Friendly

Are you someone who has not used a microwave much or doesn’t have the time to learn how to operate a new one? Then this easy-to-use appliance can benefit you. 

It has keypad controls that give you the option to input precise cooking times, while the LED display helps you see how much time is left. 

Besides that, there are push-button controls that include a digital clock and timer for easy and simple operation. You can begin or shut off the appliance as per your need with the help of the Start/Stop push button. 

It also features a child safety lock that ensures your kids will not be able to use the microwave without supervision.

Versatile Functions

A microwave proves to be a savior, especially when you don’t want to wait for frozen vegetables to defrost or maybe forgot to take out the frozen chicken from the freezer earlier. 

In such situations, you can use the Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave to defrost food by weight according to your need, or even use the feature of Speed Defrost to save time. 

You also get 10 different power levels that you can use to customize your cooking experience and get perfectly cooked food each time. 

Precise And Smooth Cooking

There are 6 one-touch quick cook buttons on this microwave for popular food items that only add to the convenience. These cook menu buttons include pizza, potato, popcorn, beverage, reheat, and lastly, frozen food. 

You can simply press these preset options to prepare your favorite foods with a touch of a button. There is no need to guess the cooking time or temperature, as this feature will ensure you find ease, speed, and perfection each time.

Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave: Should You Buy It?

For someone who needs a compact microwave for basic use, the Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave is a great fit. You can get a wide range of features and advanced settings within an affordable price range of under $100. 

You can use the microwave to heat, cook, defrost, and do much more with easy push-button controls. It also comes with 6 quick touch buttons for favorites like pizza, popcorn, and beverages, among others, that make cooking a smooth experience. 

With a child lock, removable turntable, and digital clock timer, there is not much that you are not getting in this compact device. 

I feel the microwave beep can seem to be noisy at times, especially when the house is very quiet and the push buttons are not very clearly visible in the dark. However, these are minor things that don’t impact the impeccable performance of this microwave.  

Overall, it is a great investment for a small house that needs an appliance for basic tasks only!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There A Rotating Carousel? 

Yes, this microwave oven comes with a rotating carousel. 

  • Can I Turn Off The Microwave’s Sound?

No, there is no option to turn off the microwave’s sound. 

Final Thoughts

The Commercial Chef CHM770SS Countertop Microwave is a great investment that will aid your cooking endeavors for many years to come. It has all the features packed in a compact size, making it ideal for everyday use at your home! 

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