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Drinking Smooth

I guess this is where I need to tell everyone who is behind this site and even give you some insights into my life.

If you already don’t know my name is Owuraku but you can call me Kuu for short. I’m a 23-year-old entrepreneur who lives in the United Kingdom.

I’m the founder of realkitchenappliances.com. I created this site for people who wanted to find every possible kitchen appliance whether it’s small, medium, or even large appliances on the internet.

Basically, every kitchen appliance you could possibly think of you can find on this website. Use our navigation bar to help you navigate across the site and find exactly what you want.

Things I Love To Do In My Spare Time

  • Love reading books and listening to audios
  • Watching football (Chelsea fan)
  • Watching tennis

Fun Facts About Me

  • When I was at Sixth-form I was selected for the Noble Peace Prize for the future
  • Got one of the best grades in my Sixth-form and came into my local newspaper
  • I’m an avid tennis fan

The Core Values Of This Site

Here at realkitchenappliances.com, we do our very best to deliver high-quality content for our readers by dedicating countless hours to research, testing, and comparing data to find which products suit your needs. Moreover, we also keep you updated by bringing you the latest products on the market.

How Do We Write Our Contents

First and foremost, we spend countless hours or sometimes days using data, analytics, and statistics to handpick the perfect products for your needs and specific situation.

And secondly, we sometimes get hold of the products and do some testing. Again these testing can sometimes take a great deal of time to come to the right conclusion. For example, below is a quick process of how we sometimes test products.

Testing a blender
Testing Ninja blender
Blending an orange
Blending the oranges
Tasting the smooth
Testing the smoothie

We do this to ensure that you don’t waste your money, time, and energy on the wrong products. Therefore, you are assured that the contents we deliver you are of the highest quality.

Meet Our Editor and Content Created

Shadrack Korir is an experienced writer with a depth of knowledge in the kitchen appliances niche.

He spends most of his time doing research and writing the contents on this site.

He knows which products are always trending on the market, of good value and which ones suit your particular needs.

Rest assured that the contents you read on this site are top-notch and would add great value to your life.

Shadrack Korir – Editor

Things I Love To Do In My Spare Time

  • Watching documentaries.
  • Learning new stuff.
  • Reading.
  • Hiking and traveling to new places.
  • Making new friends.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am a fast learner.
  • I don’t give up easily. Challenges are my strenghts.