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How to Remove Range Hood Filter

How to Remove Range Hood Filter

Does the thought of drawing out your kitchen hood’s filter make you nervous? That’s probably because you do not know how to remove range hood filter screens – and the process is super-easy.   To remove a mesh or baffle filter sitting on the rim inside the hood, lift the filter plate and slide it back….

Sous Vide Machine vs. Slow Cooker What to Buy

Sous Vide Machine vs. Slow Cooker: What to Buy?

If you are a cooking enthusiast who loves to try different cooking methods, you might have heard about sous vide machines and slow cookers. While both devices use long cook-time methods to produce perfect and tender foods, there are some notable differences between the two. Sous vide and slow cooking aren’t the same, and neither…

How Cold Does A Wine Fridge Get

How Cold Does A Wine Fridge Get? Know This Before Storing Your Wine

If you are a wine lover, you must have an obsession with storing your wine at the right temperature. While a wine cooler is the best option to refrigerate wine at the right temperature, you might be wondering how cold a wine fridge/ cooler gets.  Because if you store wine at a very cold temperature,…

Wine Fridge vs. Standard Fridge What’s The Difference

Wine Fridge vs. Standard Fridge: What’s The Difference?

If you’re a wine connoisseur and love keeping collections, you must be wondering whether the traditional refrigerator is efficient enough to meet the cooling needs of your wine. Or what is the difference between a wine fridge and a standard fridge? As we know, the refrigerator is a common cooling machine to store all beverages…

How to Clean a Soda Maker

How to Clean a Soda Maker: Tips to Keep Your Fizzy Squeaky Clean

The guests have arrived and are waiting for their fizzy drinks, you get the soda maker out of the cabinet, and a musty smell surprises you!  I know this sounds like a nightmare, and you do not want this to happen at any time in your life. You can only avert this situation by cleaning…

Easy-breezy and Cheap Ways to Make Soda Without a Soda Maker

4 Easy-breezy and Cheap Ways to Make Soda Without a Soda Maker

Who does not love to pop open a soda bottle every time you crave a fizzy drink? But getting your carbonated drinks always from stores is neither healthy nor feasible.  So why not make it at home?  I know you might be thinking, “Who would want to invest in a soda maker when you can…

Step 2 - Install the Adaptor on the Donor Tank 2

7 Easy Steps to Refill Soda Maker Cylinder at Home: Demonstrated in Detail

The biggest perks of owning a soda maker are convenience and affordability. You can make fizzy drinks whenever you want and at a fraction of the cost compared to what you get in the market. However, some folks step out of their home, spend gas, and get the cylinder refilled, so they end up spending…

5 Ways To Safely Dispose of Kitchen Knives

5 Ways To Safely Dispose of Kitchen Knives

There is nothing better than a new set of knives—slicing and dicing with razor-sharp kitchen knives instantly makes preparing a meal easier and more exciting. However, as you improve your knife skills, you may find yourself ready to part with some of your older tools.  But, hold on! You can’t just throw knives in the…

Easy Steps To Effectively Clean Your Turkey Fryer

7 Easy Steps To Effectively Clean Your Turkey Fryer

When preparing a spectacular turkey for Thanksgiving or making crispy roast dinners for the family, turkey fryers are a common choice. They make it easy to prepare vast amounts of food quickly and are adaptable enough to provide delectable delicacies throughout the year.  However, washing your fryer and other utensils after usage is unpleasant. Regular…

Turkey Fryer vs. Crawfish Boiler The Differences You Should Know

Turkey Fryer vs. Crawfish Boiler: The Differences You Should Know

When we hear the word ‘Thanksgiving’, the first word that comes to mind is turkey. This delicacy has been the staple Thanksgiving dish for ages. While there are multiple ways to cook a turkey, like slow cooking, roasting, brine, etc., nothing comes close to the taste of a deep-fried turkey.  You can use a turkey…

Delicious Foods You Can Cook In A Turkey Fryer

7 Delicious Foods You Can Cook In A Turkey Fryer

Since it is the traditional method for enjoying a decadent fried delight, understanding what to prepare in a turkey fryer is a must-do. Many people choose one of the finest turkey fryers to enjoy their favorite dishes, but these appliances are far more versatile than only being used for cooking chicken and turkey. But what…

How Much Oil Do You Need For The Turkey Fryer

How Much Oil Do You Need For The Turkey Fryer?

Traditional oven preparation of a turkey involves meticulous planning, long roasting and flipping, and proper monitoring. Thus, roasting a turkey has the potential to transform your Thanksgiving from a happy day spent with family into a stressful nightmare. Due to this, many brave foodies are opting to deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkey. Just like any other…