10 Best Bread Makers for Sourdough

  • By: Shadrack
  • Date: November 30, 2021
  • Time to read: 9 min.
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Baking bread from scratch is a very popular hobby for many people. In fact, it is possible to make a wide selection of bread with a sourdough starter.

Sourdough bread is also regarded as healthier than other types of bread because it contains less gluten and sugar. With one of the best bread makers for sourdough, making sourdough bread should be an easy process.

This article is for those who are looking for the best bread machine for making sourdoughs, there are many bread machine manufacturers out there, but not all of them produce the best quality products.

We will mention some of the most popular bread machine brands and their advantages and disadvantages.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Bread Maker

Bread is one of the most commonly consumed food in the world. A good bread maker helps you to make fresh bread at your home with less effort. But it can be tough to know which one to buy. Some of the things that you should check, therefore, include:

The Bread Capacity

This refers to how many slices of bread can fit inside the machine at one time. A good starting point would be for a family is 4 slices of bread but it can go up to 12 slices if needed.

Size and weight

There are different sizes of bread makers with the most common being small, medium, large, or family. You should think about how much space you have in your kitchen before purchasing one.

Convenience features and settings

These are the preferences you want your bread maker to have such as crust darkness and size of the loaf. You should also think about what type of loaf you would like to make such as white, whole wheat, and gluten-free.


Consider what you’ll be using the bread maker for. A small office might need a smaller, more affordable machine. If you’re looking for something that will also work as a mixer, then an offset style is best.

Your needs and preference

The most important factor in choosing the best bread maker is what type of bread you want to make. A good maker can create and suit your needs and preferences. It should also be reliable and durable so that it can last for a long time in your kitchen.


These are the few questions surrounding the sourdough bread makers:

What is Sourdough Bread?

Sourdough bread is made by fermenting dough with a natural starter which is known as sourdough. The process of fermentation produces lactic acid, which gives the bread its distinctive flavor and texture.

Sourdough Bread is usually made without commercial yeast. It can be made from any type of flour, including whole wheat flour, rye flour, or white flour.

What are the Benefits of Making Sourdough Bread?

Making bread at home is one of the oldest and most satisfying homemade foods. It’s also a surprisingly versatile dish. Several different types of bread are eaten all over the world, depending on regional preferences.

Sourdough bread is an excellent source of carbohydrates, which provide essential nutrients. This bread is also a good source of protein, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.

10 Best Bread Makers for Sourdough

Here are the top 10 picks of the best bread makers that you can use for making sourdough bread. This is per our editor’s analysis:

1. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • 2lb capacity.
  • 12 programmable settings.
  • Good for dough prep.
  • Easy control.
  • Makes bread in 3 simple steps.
  • 1.5 and 2.0lb loaf sizes.
  • Nonslip feet.
  • Comes with kneading paddle and bread pan.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Delay start function.
  • 3 crust settings.

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is the perfect kitchen gadget for all your bread-making needs. With numerous programmable settings and a kneading paddle, making bread has never been easier. This bread maker has a large capacity of 2lbs and makes loaves in easy steps.

Take your bread where it’s never been before. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is perfect for creating tasty, homemade bread and even gluten-free bread. With 12 programmable settings, you can choose the type of bread you want to make, and then select the perfect setting.

The simple process makes bread in just 3 easy steps: prepare the dough, set the unit to cook, and then wait for delicious results!

  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Versatile and useful for different baking needs.
  • Easy to control ingredients.
  • It is a great choice for dough prep.
  • Great for home and restaurants.
  • Good for making different bread sizes.
  • It operates quietly hence does not make noise.
  • The beeping is so loud and can be distractive.

2. Oster Express Bake Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • 2lb capacity.
  • 12 bread settings.
  • 3 crust settings.
  • Removable lid.
  • Nonstick aluminum pan.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Transparent window.
  • Delay timer available.
  • Keep warm function.

Toast your bread to perfection with the Oster Bread Maker. This product not only bakes your bread for you, but it also has 12 different settings you can choose from to bake various types of bread, 3 crust settings, and a delay timer.

Time to step it up a gear with the Oster Bread Maker. You’ll have your perfect loaf in just a few hours, and you’ll have the whole house smelling like cinnamon buns.

The 2lb capacity and easy-to-read LCD display make this machine very user-friendly. It also has a transparent window and nonstick aluminum pan for easy removal.

  • Easy to use.
  • Kneads bread automatically.
  • Versatile to prepare wide varieties of bread.
  • It is good for home with a large family.
  • It keeps the bread warm once it is done.
  • You can delay the start time for convenience.
  • The pan is nonstick quality and easy to clean.
  • The only issue is the noisy as it works relatively louder.

3. Cuisinart Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • Up to 2lbs capacity.
  • Made of stainless steel body.
  • 3 crust settings.
  • 12 programmable options.
  • Vertical and counter-friendly design.
  • 13-hour delay start timer.
  • Viewing window on the lid.
  • Removable kneading paddle.
  • Removable bread pan.

The perfect bread maker for the whole family. The Cuisinart Bread Maker creates a variety of soft and crispy crusts ranging from light and fluffy to light and crisp and comes with 12 programmable options.

The vertical and counter-friendly design means it can fit in compact kitchen spaces without taking up too much space. Plus, the viewing window on the lid and removable kneading paddle make cleanup quick and easy.

Controlling the crust is easy too with three settings, while the viewing window on the top is useful for monitoring progress. If you like this product’s features make sure to read the full review.

  • Compact and countertop friendly design.
  • It is easy to use and with removable bread pan for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with delay timer for convenience.
  • Great for home use.
  • It keeps the bread warm when it is done.
  • All process is automatic and faster.
  • Versatile to suit different varieties of bread.
  • The lid is not removable.
  • Does not have a convection fan.

4. Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine

Features highlight;

  • Up to 2lbs capacity.
  • 3 leaf sizes.
  • Keep warm function.
  • 15-hour delay timer.
  • Nonstick bread pan.
  • 14-programmable settings.
  • Removable pan.
  • Easy-to-use digital controls.

Let’s talk bread. You want to make some, but are you up to the challenge? The Pohl Schmitt Bread Maker is your solution. With its 2lb capacity, 3 size leaf options, and 15-hour delay timer, you can take your time and do it right.

With nonstick coating on the pan and 14 programmable settings, you have all the tools you need to get that perfect loaf of bread just right.

After creating the perfect loaf of bread, you can now enjoy your bread at its best! The Pohl Schmitt bread maker is made with gentle ingredients that will never burn or over-bake your bread.

With this bread maker, you can enjoy fresh-baked bread at any time of day.

  • Easy to use, just set up and forget.
  • You can customize up to three different sizes and crust shades.
  • Comes with included recipes for different bread varieties.
  • Great for sourdough.
  • The pan is nonstick and removable hence easy to clean.
  • It keeps the bread warm after it’s done.
  • It is a bit hard to get the pan out.

5. Elite Gourmet Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • Up to 2lbs capacity.
  • Makes 3 loaf sizes.
  • 19 programmable functions.
  • 3 crust settings.
  • 15-hour delay timer.
  • 60-minute keep warm function.

It’s time to get your hands on a true bread-baking champion. You deserve a quality kitchen machine that does all the hard work for you, and that’s just what this Elite Gourmet Bread Maker provides.

With an impressive 2lbs capacity, an array of programmable functions and crust settings, and a 15-hour delay timer, you’ll never need another loaf of bread again.

Having a bread maker at home is like having your own personal bakery. It saves you both time and money by making fresh bread with your favorite ingredients. It can make any kind of bread you want – try their recipe for sourdough.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Easy to manage the nutrients for the bread.
  • Convenience to customize the bread size.
  • It is highly versatile and good for beginners.
  • Great for sourdough and home use.
  • Comes with affordable price.
  • Can make up to 3 loaf sizes and 3 different shades.
  • The recipes are not well presented.

6. CROWNFUL Automatic Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • Makes 2 loaf sizes.
  • Up to 2lbs capacity.
  • 12 auto programs.
  • 3 crust shades settings.
  • 13-hour delay timer.
  • 1 hour keep warm function.
  • 10 minutes of power interruption recovery.

The CROWNFUL Bread Maker’s advanced technology is designed to give you perfect bread every time.

Many bread makers only have a single bread-baking program, so you have to guess what your recipe will turn out like. With the CROWNFUL Bread Maker, you can be confident that your bread will turn out just as you expected.

With CROWNFUL you can make 2 loaf sizes, 12 auto programs to choose from, plus 3 crust shades settings & a 13-hour delay timer.

It also features a 1-hour keep-warm function & 10 minutes of power interruption recovery. It is the best bread maker for sourdough.

  • It works quietly and conveniently.
  • Automatic and easy to use.
  • Makes two different sizes of bread and three shades.
  • Comes with a large viewing window for monitoring.
  • High-quality and durable pan.
  • Great for any kitchen.
  • Recipe booklet is not a great one.

7. Breadman Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • 2lbs capacity.
  • 14 programmable settings.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Perfect bake technology.
  • Collapsible kneading paddles.
  • Controls for low-carb, gluten-free, and artisan lovers.
  • 15-hour delay timer.

Bake a range of bread with the Breadman bread maker. Choose from a wide range of programs that produce different types of bread, including gluten-free and low-carb options, as well as a timer to allow you to prepare your dough for a delayed start.

The powerful blade and mix temperature from the best bread maker in the market ensures optimum kneading, regardless of which type of dough you make.

If you’ve been looking for the best bread maker for sourdough, you’re in the right place! The Breadman is at the top of its game when it comes to making delicious fresh bread.

With 14 programmable settings and an oversized 2lb capacity, it’s perfect for making sourdough, gluten-free, or artisan loaves. The collapsible kneading paddles and controls for low-carb & gluten.

  • Makes different sizes of bread.
  • It is programable and easy to use for different bread varieties.
  • Comes with viewing window for easy monitoring.
  • Comes with recipe book and other accessories.
  • Compact and space saving design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Loud peeping at every stage can be disturbing.

8. KITCHENARM Bread Machine

Features highlight;

  • Up to 2lbs capacity.
  • Makes up to 3 loaf sizes.
  • 3 crust shade settings.
  • 15 hours delay timer.
  • 77 recipes included.

KITCHENARM Bread Maker is an innovative kitchen appliance with cutting-edge technology for producing superior bread.

This automatic bread maker has a higher capacity, 3 loaf size settings, and includes 15 hours delay timer and 77 recipes.

The KITCHENARM Bread Maker is the ideal choice for making your favorite bread. This bread maker is the perfect kitchen appliance for the amateur or pro baker.

With 3 crust shade settings, you’ll be able to make hard, medium, or soft crusts without any hassle, and also, with the delay of this machine, you can program your bread machine to start baking any time of day.

  • Fully customizable and easy to use.
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced chefs.
  • Good for home use and for sourdough bread.
  • Durable and efficient performance.
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories.
  • Easy to clean nonstick bread pan.
  • The control panel is not illuminated.

9. Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • Up to 2.5lbs capacity.
  • 3 crust shade settings.
  • LCD illuminated smart display.
  • 13 automatic settings.
  • Collapsible kneading paddle.
  • 46 recipes included.
  • 4 loaf sizes and progress indicator.
  • Auto fruit and nut dispenser.

The Breville BM250XL is the best bread maker out there. The extra-large 2.5lbs capacity can make up to four 1.5lb loaves. It has 13 automatic settings, including the 3 crust shade settings to bake light, medium, or dark bread.

The LCD illuminated smart display has everything you need to know about your bread-making process at your fingertips, including the 13 automatic settings, 4 loaf sizes, and progress.

With all of these features, Breville’s bread maker is the best bread machine on the market. It has 46 recipes that come with it, so you’ll never get bored!

You can also use it to make dough for pizza or pasta, which is great. It adjusts the time and temperature for you, so there’s no need to worry about ruining your dish.

  • Simple to use and to clean.
  • Good size for a large family.
  • Suitable for making sourdough bread.
  • Automatic programs make it good for the starters.
  • The body is made of stainless steel and hence durable.
  • A bit difficult to remove the bread from the pan.

10. MasterChef Bread Maker

Features highlight;

  • Up to 2lbs capacity.
  • 19 automatic settings.
  • 13-hour delay timer.
  • Transparent viewing window.
  • Keep warm function available.
  • Recipe book included.

The most complete bread maker on the market, this MasterChef Bread Maker has a capacity of 2lbs and 19 automatic settings to suit your needs.

Along with a transparent viewing window and 13-hour delay timer, the recipe book included will provide you with recipes for all types of bread.

For the freshest, tastiest bread for years, look no further. The MasterChef bread maker will deliver the bread you desire with ease and efficiency.

It’s easy to use and can be personalized to your needs and preferences. Enjoy all that this bread maker has to offer at a great price. If this product meets your needs then make sure to read the full review.

  • Suitable for anyone and any kitchen.
  • Versatile and with automatic settings for easy use.
  • It keeps the bread warm when it’s done.
  • You can set and leave for up to 13 hours.
  • Great for making sourdough bread.
  • Does not have an automatic fruit dispenser.

Reasons You Need a Sourdough Bread Maker in Your Kitchen

A sourdough bread maker is a kitchen appliance that bakes delicious sourdough bread. It’s a must-have in any kitchen. Some of the reasons why you need it to include:

1. You can make your own healthy, nutritious, and preservative-free bread without the use of any chemicals or additives.

2. Instead of buying it from the store every week, you can bake your bread at home whenever you want.

3. A sourdough bread maker makes you feel like a pro baker with its hands-free design and smart shortcut buttons for different types of doughs and baking methods

4. The bread maker machine is a small appliance that is small enough to fit on any countertop or cabinet.

Final thoughts…

There are many bread machine models that are available on the market. However, the ones included in this article are what we recommend for sourdough lovers.

We hope that with these recommendations, you will be able to find the best bread maker for your needs.