Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen Air Fryer Oven Review: Healthy Cooking Made Easy?




Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen Air Fryer Oven

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The struggle to cook healthy yet delicious food ends with the Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer. This modern, stylish, and insanely easy-to-use air fryer can cook vegetables, pizza, frozen food, and more. The powerful and even heating technology makes every recipe supremely delicious and crispy while retaining moisture.


  • Fast and even hot air circulation
  • Large cooking capacity 
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • Durable build quality


  • There is no cancellation option 
  • The basket handle gets hot

Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer features a flat basket that can hold 40% more food than average air fryers, making it a perfect option for bigger families.

You won’t have to get your hands dirty cleaning this appliance because the basket is dishwasher safe. Just dunk it into the dishwasher, and you’re good to go.


Dimensions8.5″D x 10″W x 13.75″H inches
Item Weight7.94 lbs
Wattage1200 watts
Capacity3.5 quarts
Control MethodTouch

Features Of Your Cooking Aid 

The Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer features numerous features to meet the versatile cooking needs of different families. Mentioned below are a few core functionalities of this air fryer that you may love: 

Adaptable Cooking Capacity 

You need an air fryer to cook different delicacies without excess greasing, and the Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer is here to meet the requirement. This multi-functional air fryer can grill, bake, and roast anything with little to no oil.

Whether you’re craving fries, a slice of pizza, or some roasted chicken, shove the marinated ingredients in the air fryer and enjoy them without guilt. 

Uneven cooking is a prevalent issue with some air fryers. However, the rapid air technology of the Chefman Digital 3.5 air fryer circulates hot air evenly, leaving no room for uncooked or undercooked food.

Make sure to follow the right cooking instructions and set the right temperature to achieve the desired cooking result. 

High-Grade & Long-Lasting Construction 

Made from high-quality plastic, the Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer has a durable body. The brand provides a one-year warranty, and it will take care of any wear and tear during this phase. 

The air-fryer also features a premium design. The all-black look suits all modern kitchen aesthetics, and the digital panel on the front is there to assist you in checking your cooking progress.

This air fryer weighs only 7.94 lbs, requiring only a tiny spot in your kitchen countertop. This is very convenient compared to having large air fryers such as the GoWISE USA 5.0-Quart Air Fryer.

The Chefman Digital 3.5 Qurat Touch Screen air fryer will be your best pick if you have a tiny kitchen with no space for huge cooking appliances. 

Seamless Operational Experience 

Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer provides a great user interface. The digital display is easily readable, and anyone would learn to use it within minutes.

You can adjust the temperature by pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Besides, the 60 minutes timer and auto shut-off function help you prepare a perfectly cooked dish. 

The auto shut-off feature is a true blessing for busy households. It no longer requires you to stand before the air fryer, letting you focus on other work while it prepares your food. 

Large Cooking Basket

Constrained cooking capacity is another common issue in air fryers. Most air fryers have an oval-shaped basket that doesn’t support large food quantities. But Chefman has designed a space-saving flat basket that increases the capacity by 40%. 

With such a huge basket, you can cook large portions at once. You can shove in a whole chicken and substantial portions of other food items in one batch, which saves a lot of time.

Effortless Maintenance 

Due to the hotchpotch of everyday life, nobody has time to clean kitchen appliances and utensils, so everyone wants dishwasher-safe appliances.

Chefman has granted your wish and designed a dishwasher-friendly basket saving the time you otherwise would have spent scrubbing the food remains. 

But if you prefer to hand wash it, make sure to use a soft sponge to maintain its original shine. To clean the exterior, simply dust it off with a soft cloth.

Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen Air Fryer: Is It Worth Buying? 

Food and cooking enthusiasts looking to add a new air fryer in their kitchen can consider buying the Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer. The air fryer has all the necessary features to make delicious meals without making them extra greasy. 

The powerful heat circulation technology provides perfect results eliminating chances of undercooked or overcooked food. Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer has such an easy user interface that anyone can easily operate the appliance, from kids to grown-ups. 

Finally, the air fryer has a robust body and can withstand everyday kitchen clutters.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How Can I Change The Temperature Unit From Fahrenheit To Celsius? 

To change the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius, press and hold the temperature button for two seconds.

You’ll notice the switch when the temperature unit changes. Use the same technique to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. 

  1. Is The Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen Air Fryer BPA Free? 

Yes, the product surfaces that come in contact with food are all BPA-free. 

  1. Is The Basket Sturdy? 

Yes, the cooking basket is sturdy and won’t get damaged easily. 

Final Thoughts!

The Chefman Digital 3.5 Quart Touch Screen air fryer is an excellent kitchen appliance for anyone wanting to eat delicious food without compromising taste.

The compact design and digital screen interface make it easy to use and store, and the high-quality construction ensures reliable performance for years to come.

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