GoWISE USA 5.0-Quart Air Fryer Review




GoWISE USA 5.0-Quart Air Fryer

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The GoWISE USA GW22821-S Air Fryer is a quick and stylish addition to a small family kitchen. It can whip up healthy, low-fat food within a short cooking time.

This air fryer has an easy-to-use design – with a touch panel for total control. It is also easy to clean and maintain – and it is capable of cooking a wide variety of ingredients.


  • Sleek and cutting-edge design – in black and red
  • Non-stick removable basket for easy cleaning
  • Special crisper tray for all-round crispiness
  • Compact and lightweight machine


  • Peeling of non-stick coating reported by some users
  • Touch screen not intuitive enough, per reports of some users

Do you often find it hard to discourage your family – and yourself – to stop eating fried foods? Everyone loves fried food – but the extra calories that come with all the oil need to be avoided. But there’s good news – available in the form of GoWISE USA 5.0-Quart Air Fryer!   

GoWISE USA GW22821-S is a medium-sized air fryer with a capacity of 5 qt – and it can help you fry any food with a delicious and crispy finish – using 80% less oil! Thanks to its advanced rapid air technology, it can whip up pizzas to French fries – in 30 minutes!

The device has become hugely popular among health-conscious food lovers. But is it the right fit for your kitchen? Keep reading the GoWISE USA 5.0-Quart Air Fryer review to find out!


Dimensions13″D x 11″W x 13″H
Item Weight13.22 lb
Wattage1500 watts
Capacity5 qt
Control MethodTouch Panel

Features that Make it a Popular Choice

The GoWISE USA 5.0-Quart Air Fryer is one of the top-rated products on the market. You must be wondering what makes it so popular! Here’s a list of all its noteworthy features based on the reviews and experiences of users. Take a look:

Wide Range of Temperature Settings 

The GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer has a temperature range of 180F-400F. That means you can use it to cook fries, chips, chicken, shrimp, fish, cake, or pizza. The cooking time can be up to 30 minutes, with 10-degree increments for more accuracy and perfection.

Designed for Healthy Cooking 

This air fryer achieves the coveted crispiness – without deep-frying foods in a large quantity of oil or brushing it with butter.

It cooks with 80% less oil for fat-free goodness. Plus, the basket is free from PFOA, associated with many health problems.

Easy to Use

The unit has a built-in touch screen to manually set the time or temperature. Or select from its 8 preset options to take any guesswork out of the cooking process. The basket handle is cool to the touch. You’ll also love the basket divider to cook two items at once.

Quick Cooking Technology

The GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer is engineered with advanced rapid air technology to enhance the speed of cooking. Thanks to this feature, you can use the appliance for various types of cooking – be it frying, baking, roasting, or grilling 0 in 30 minutes or less.

Recipe Book for Convenient Cooking

When you bring home this device, you will get a special recipe book curated for this air fryer. It has 50 recipes – and a step-by-step guide to cooking the recipes. You can also use its app to get more recipes and cooking tips in one place for quick access!

Perfect for a Small Family

This air fryer has a capacity of 5 qt, and the cooking basket is quite spacious. It lets you cook 1 lb of French fries, chips, or vegetables. You can also use it for two 8-oz steaks or 10 chicken wings. That’s sufficient food to feed four people – or two famished adults!

Verdict: Is the GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer right for you?

For most people, healthy food means mushy and bland food that’s been boiled or steamed. But the GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer can change the face of healthy cooking in your kitchen. You can still enjoy fried food with a crispy outer coating – with much less oil.

It is also equipped to ensure your food takes little time to cook. So you can cook steak for yourself or fry some wings or sweet potato fingers for your fussy kids. This air fryer is perfect for cooking food for 2-4 people – and keeping them asking for more! 


What size of parchment paper liners does the GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer take?

The GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer has an insert tray of 8.74”. If you want to place a pre-cut parchment paper for it, the “large” size should fit it perfectly.

It is easy to cut the paper to fit your fryer’s basket by folding it first. Here’s a video to demonstrate the process.

Is it possible to turn off the noise while running the GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer? 

When you use the GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer, it will make a light humming noise. You cannot turn it off because it comes from the fan that turns during usage to keep the machine cool. However, it is not loud enough to feel the need to turn it off. 

Is the GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer dishwasher-safe? 

The GoWISE USA 5-qt air fryer is not dishwasher-safe. GoWISE suggests that its appliance’s accessories or basket should only be hand-washed to make it last longer. The process of cleaning is extremely convenient as the parts come apart easily. 

Final Words

The GoWISE USA 5-qt Air Fryer is a must-have in the kitchen of a health-conscious family that hates boiled and steamed food. It makes fat-free cooking convenient – and is itself really easy to clean and maintain. It’s highly recommended for small families. 

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