COSMO 63175S 30 Wall Mount Range Hood Review




COSMO 63175S 30 Wall Mount Range Hood

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The COSMO 63175S 30 Wall Mount Range Hood is a built-in premium and durable appliance to provide you with the best possible cooking experience. 

Although, the downsides to this feature are that it can be noisy and has a thin look of metal in the chimney neck. Despite the downsides, the positives of the product completely outweigh the negatives and it’s loved by a lot of users. 


  • Premium quality and durability
  • Sleek design for any kitchen
  • Powerful suction for regular needs
  • Great value for a reasonable price
  • Easy to install, use, and clean


  • Thin look of metal in the chimney neck
  • Slightly noisy at the highest level

When it comes to a range hood, everyone wants advanced technology in a user-friendly design. That’s what the COSMO 63175S 30″ Wall Mount Range Hood brings – a combination of simple operations and futuristic features.  

The COSMO 63175S is an excellent wall mount range that can become the focal point in any kitchen with this stylish look. This 30” kitchen range is equipped with the latest technology – without making its operation challenging. And it’s a long-lasting appliance from a trusted brand. 

Let’s look at the amazing features that can make the COSMO 63175S your favorite kitchen tool. 

COSMO 63175S 30” Wall Mount Range Hood: Noteworthy Features

I checked out some customer reviews and asked a few friends who are using the COSMO 63175S. And here’s a list of the useful features that everyone talked about –

Efficient Suction

The kitchen hood has three power levels for different cleaning needs. Plus, its motor is powered to provide efficient airflow at 380 CFM. 

Thus, you can count on this device to free your kitchen from grease, dust, smoke, and odor. And it operates at a low noise level of 65dB in the lower speed levels!

Versatile Installation 

This is a wall-mount kitchen hood that you can install on any free wall in the kitchen.

As long as the distance between the cooktop and the hood is 24”-36”, you’ll get amazing suction.

It can be used as a ducted range hood that carries the suctioned smoke and vent directly outside. Or, you can use a carbon filter kit for a ductless installation.

COSMO 63175S 30 Wall Mount Range Hood design
Image Source: Wayfair

Contemporary Look 

The range hood looks amazingly similar to the COSMO COS-5MU30 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood. The kitchen hood’s canopy and chimney are made of brushed stainless steel. The material not only makes the machine durable but also gives it a modern look. 

Additionally, the three-sided chimney has clean lines for an elegant look. It is ideal for any decor and can become an accent piece in the kitchen. 

Efficient and Easy-to-Clean Filters

The ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters are long-lasting baffle panels. The ridges in the filter plates are perfectly spaced to capture all the deposits that seep into the oil cup. 

Plus, the filters don’t need to be replaced as they’re made of super-durable stainless steel. And you can wash them in the dishwasher – which will save you a lot of time!   

Energy-Efficient and Versatile Lighting

The kitchen hood has bulbs with a high lumen count to brighten your cooking area. And, since these are LED bulbs, you don’t have to worry about energy bills.  

You can choose between cool and daylight color options. However, the warm light option needs to be purchased separately. 

COSMO 63175S 30 Wall Mount Range Hood ventillation
Image Source: Wayfair

Touch Controls for Easy Operations 

The front of the kitchen hood has a control panel to operate the appliance. This panel is incredibly responsive and reacts to the softest touch. 

It lets you control the fan speed, power, and light with it. You can even set the timer and set delayed auto-shutoff with just a touch of your finger using this control panel.

Verdict: Is COSMO 63175S Range Hood Worth It?

The COSMO 63175S incorporates the latest advancements in the world of wall mount range hoods. That doesn’t mean it’s a complex appliance. 

The brand has simplified modern features – and you can operate this hood easily. At its price, it does an amazing job of keeping the kitchen air and surfaces clean. 

Additionally, it can raise the oomph factor of your kitchen with its design. So if you’re looking for a range hood at a reasonable cost, I recommend the COSMO 63175S.

Tips to Get Maximum Performance From COSMO 63175S 30” Wall Mount Range

Your COSMO 63175S is capable of delivering impressive suction power for many years if you take proper care of it. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps when it comes to the setup and maintenance.

Take a look at the following tips to ensure that you get the best out of your COSMO 63175S –

1. Right Distance from Cooktop

Steps –

  •  Make sure that the distance between the cooktop and the hood is 24”-36”. 

2. Keeping Nearby Doors/Windows Closed 

Steps – 

  • Close the doors and windows near the hood during usage to see better performance.

3. – Timely Motor Replacement After Prolonged Use

Steps – 

  • First, remove panels from the canopy. 
  • Next, find the cable box and open it with a screwdriver. 
  • Now, unplug the cables inside and press the tabs to release them.
  • Remove the two central screws in the hood’s back and the four screws on top.
  • After that, remove the motor from the hood carefully. 
  • Now, put the new motor in its place.
  • Plug the white tabs back and put them in the cable box before closing it. 
  • Replace all the screws that you removed. 
  • Finally, reattach the panels to start using the unit. 

4. Tape Removal from Damper Flaps 

Steps  – 

  • Strip away the tape from the damper flaps. 
  • Make sure that the damper flaps can move freely. 

5. Cleaning Oil Cup Frequently 

Steps –

  • First, remove the filter panels. 
  • Then, find the oil cup and release it by giving it a pull. 
  • Next, empty and clean the cup and put it back. 
  • Finally, replace the filter panels.

6. Carbon Filter Replacement in Ductless System     

Steps – 

  • First, remove the metal panels and find the motor. 
  • Remove the carbon filters on the motor’s sides by turning them anti-clockwise. 
  • Put new CFK1-™ carbon filters in place of the old ones and turn them clockwise. 
  • Once the filters are locked in place, reattach the metal panels. 

7. Cleaning Filter Panels Regularly

Steps – 

  • Remove the panels. 
  • Clean them in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. 
  • Let the panels dry and put them back. 

8. Unblocking Chimney Vent 

Steps –

  • Pull out the interior chimney stack to expose the vents. 

Here’s a video below that gives you a clear idea of how to take the above steps and keep all performance issues at bay. Check it out!


Does COSMO 63175S need to vent or exhaust to the outside?

One of the major advantages of the COSMO 63175S is that this unit can be used for both ducted and ductless installation systems.

If you do not have the option to vent the kitchen smoke outside, you can recirculate the air in the internal system with a carbon filter (CFK1-TM).

Why is the COSMO 63175S making a strange rattling noise?

If you notice that the COSMO 63175S is extra-noisy, it could be because of a large piece of debris inside the hood’s canopy.

Remove the filter panels and check inside. Remove any foreign objects that might be stuck inside before replacing the panels. 

Can the COSMO 63175S be installed under cabinets?

The COSMO 63175S is a wall-mount range hood. It is structured like a chimney with a three-sided metal smoke stem that needs dedicated space.

So, this kitchen range hood must be mounted on the free wall only and cannot be installed under a kitchen cabinet. 

Why does the COSMO 63175S not have a brand logo?

The COSMO 63175S bears a manufacturer’s tag inside the hood instead of a brand logo on the outside. This tag contains all the information and specifications of the unit. So the canopy has a clean design with nothing to distract attention from its clean look.  

Final Words

Cutting-edge technology, contemporary design, convenient usage, and maintenance – what more could you ask for in a kitchen hood?

The COSMO 63175S 30″ Wall Mount Range Hood brings you an excellent combination of all these – without burning a hole in your pocket!

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