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Clever Chef French Press Coffee Maker, Maximum Flavor Coffee Brewer With Superior Filtration: A Detailed Review



Clever Chef French Press Coffee Maker, Maximum Flavor Coffee Brewer With Superior Filtration


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Product Overview
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Quality


Clever Chef French Press Coffee Maker is the perfect coffee maker for people who are looking for proper insulation and different multiple usages. However, the way the coffee maker is designed makes it tricky to dismantle it. Overall, it’s a product worth checking it out. 


  • Multi-level filtration
  • Premium design and sturdy material
  • Multiple usages
  • Proper insulation


  • Dismantling the coffee makers is a bit tricky
  • The glass carafe could have been thicker

If you are like me, who can’t start your day without a cup of good strong coffee, you know how essential it is to have a good French press. 

But finding the right French press that brews the perfect coffee infused with caffeine flavors is not easy. 

I have tried multiple products, and it took me a few trials to get my hands on the best one. And if you’re here, it means you haven’t found the best one yet either. And the Clever Chef French Press Coffee Maker Maximum Flavor Coffee Brewer review has brought you here. 

The Clever Chef French press is known to brew your coffee with maximum flavors, but is it the right French press for you? Is it durable enough? 

I have been using the Clever Chef French press for some time and covered a detailed review here. Read this detailed review to know whether you should buy this French press or not.

Clever Chef French Press With Superior Filtration: Things I Love About This French Press & Things I Don’t

Getting familiar with the features, brewing process, and shelf life of the French press is a must before buying it. Even though these are not the most expensive kitchen appliances, you don’t want to own ten different coffee makers, right? 

Therefore, I have discussed everything about the Clever Chef French press to help you decide if you should buy this or not.

Sophisticated Design

Everyone wants aesthetic crockers and appliances that go well with their kitchen aesthetics, so we can’t ignore the design of the French press as well. I must say that the Clever Chef French press has a pretty decent design.

The minimal yet timeless design looks sophisticated.

The combination of black and glass never goes out of fashion, making it the right choice for long-term use.

The handle has a nice curve for a comfortable hold.

Overall you get a premium design French press without breaking your pockets. 

But be a little light-handed with the Clever Chef French press as you don’t want to break the glass carafe while washing it.

Durable Build Quality 

After using the Clever Chef French press for more than three months, I can say that I’m quite impressed with this coffee maker. 

One of the common issues with glass carafe French presses is that they are not built of high-quality glass. Most often, the glass cracks when you pour hot water. 

But that’s no longer an issue with the Clever Chef French press. It’s made of a shatter-resistant glass carafe, so there will be no cracks when you pour hot water. 

Furthermore, the high-quality plastic frame is super sturdy that can withstand minor wear and tears. Plus, you can dismantle the entire French press for better cleaning and toss the parts in the dishwasher if you please. 

Excellent Filtration 

Filtration is the most crucial part of a French press. There is nothing more irritating than finding coffee grounds in your coffee. 

Therefore, getting a French press with good filtration is a must. The Clever Chef French press has a superior filtration system with stainless steel mesh filters that don’t let coffee grounds pass into your coffee. 

The multi-level filtration ensures you enjoy strong, flavorful coffee in every sip without getting bothered by the coffee grounds. 

Easy To Use 

Treating yourself with a nice cup of coffee just got easier with the Clever Chef French press. This coffee maker is super easy, and anyone can make a perfect brew following a few easy steps. 

You only have to pour the coarse ground coffee into the glass carafe, add hot water and let it brew for four to five minutes. Press it with the plunger, pour your hot cup of coffee and enjoy. It’s that simple. 

Versatile Usage

The best part about the Clever Chef French press is that you can use it for cold brew, infusing tea, and frothing milk as well. I have used this French press for making my tea, and the results are impressive. 

But don’t let your tea sit longer. I made the same mistake, and my tea turned out very bitter. This one works best for frothing milk as well. Even though it does not froth milk like an actual milk frother, it still serves the purpose.

I always prefer to handwash my French press as it’s easier to clean the corners. It’s better to get rid of coffee residues by hand washing them. 

Clever Chef French Press Coffee Maker: Should You Buy It?

If you want a nice sip of coffee without taking much effort, I think the Clever Chef French press coffee maker will be the right purchase for you. 

I have tried multiple coffee makers till now; hence, I can say that this one works perfectly well. A few issues I had with the French presses I owned earlier were some of them did not have proper insulation, and some had issues with the strainer. 

So far, I haven’t faced such issues with the Clever Chef French press. It serves a perfect cup of hot coffee without bothering me with coffee grounds. 

I also like the design. I love minimal design for all my appliances, and the classic black and glass body did not disappoint me. The material is also very durable like the BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker

I am a cleaning freak, so I clean the coffee maker after each use. It’s been over three months, and my Clever Chef French press still looks perfect. 

The best part is making coffee is super easy with this one. The entire process does not take more than five minutes which I love. 

But yes, I would have preferred if the glass carafe were a bit thicker. Even though it says it’s made from shatter-resistant glass, I wait a couple of minutes before pouring in boiling water. 

Overall it’s a pretty great French press for the price, so you can give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need To Replace My French Press Filter Every Year?

Yes, it’s better to replace your french press filter every year. With regular use, the filter will lose its filtration capacity; hence replacement is necessary.

But the replacement period depends on the quality of the filter. Cheap quality filters don’t even last six months, in that case, they require early replacement.

Should I Use A Dishwashing Soap Every Time I Clean My French Press?

No, you should not wash your French press with dishwashing soap every time you clean it. Using harsh soaps will deteriorate the coffee maker, sometimes rinsing the French press is enough.

What Is The Right Ratio For French Press Coffee?

The right ratio for French press coffee is 1:15. For every gram of coffee, you should pour 15 grams of water.

Can I Reuse The French Press Coffee Grounds?

Yes, you can reuse your French press coffee grounds for another steep. But you need to use them immediately within a couple of hours or so; otherwise, they lose the flavors.

Final Thoughts 

I hope this Clever Chef French press coffee maker review has helped you decide whether you want to get this coffee maker or not. This coffee maker has worked perfectly for me. It provides the perfect flavor; it’s easier to clean and has a nice design. 

Let me know your thoughts on the Clever Chef French press and if there are any other queries, leave them in the comments!

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