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COSMO 668ICS750 Island Range Hood

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The COSMO 668ICS750 is one of the most reliable and durable range hood products on the market. Not only that but the quality is great and it comes with a trusted brand. 

One of the major downsides to this product is that it may require a professional to help you install the product. All in all, it’s a great product to have. 


  • Luxurious appliance at a reasonable price
  • Remarkable durability due to stainless steel parts
  • Quiet performance with a noise level of 65dB
  • Dishwasher-safe filters for quick cleaning
  • Quality assurance by a trusted brand


  • May need professional help installing
  • Time issues in digital clock, as reported by a few users

Do you have a kitchen island for your range hood? Then the only exhaust system to give you proper ventilation is an island range hood. And one of the best products in this category is the COSMO 668ICS750 30” Island Mount Range Hood.

While an island range ensures a smooth flow of activities, the COSMO 668ICS750 Island Hood maintains smooth airflow. This convertible hood efficiently removes cooking-induced toxins, venting them through the ceiling or recirculating clean air without ductwork.   

Take a look at the amazing features that this kitchen island hood can provide.

COSMO 668ICS750 30” Island Mount Range Hood: Overview 

The COSMO 668ICS750 is a 30″ island range hood that you can install on the ceiling. It can fit your kitchen’s existing ductwork – or operate without one altogether. 

The stainless steel body and tempered glass visor boost the appliance’s durability and style. With an air suction power of 380 CFM, it delivers impressive ventilation for home kitchens that see ample cooking. 

It’s engineered to meet the high power requirement of an island cooktop. And this island range hood is also easy to use and maintain.

COSMO 668ICS750 Island Range Hood: Features You’ll Love

Let’s take a look at the amazing features that make the COSMO 668ICS750 a popular choice. 

Highly Air Suction Power 

The COSMO 668ICS750 has a powerful motor that has a suction power of 380 CFM. It is an impressive power for a medium kitchen of 100-150 sq.ft., which is used for heavy home cooking. 

Island-mounted electric cooktops in the middle of the kitchen are open on all sides. So they spread fumes in all directions – and need mighty kitchen hoods.    

375 CFM is recommended for standard island hoods in a medium kitchen. And the COSMO 668ICS750 is, thus, considered more than capable.

Three Fan Speeds for Various Cooking Needs

This kitchen range has the ability to operate at three different speed levels. And the fan is super-easy to operate with the help of the soft-touch control panel. 

So, for minimal smoke and odor during boiling and basic cooking, you can use the lowest fan speed.

And for heavy frying and high-heat cooking that generates smoke and odor profusely, use the highest speed. 

The second level of speed is for everything in between.

These can include light frying and regular cooking involving mild or medium heat, smoke, and odor.

COSMO 668ICS750 Island Range Hood fans and lights
Image Source: Wayfair

Convertible Hood for Ducted/Ductless Installation 

This kitchen hood is engineered for both ducted and ductless installation systems. This makes it versatile enough for any type of installation in the kitchen. 

If you want to completely remove the polluted air from your kitchen, you can choose a ducted system. So the appliance will vent the smoke, grease, and odor outside through the ceiling. 

Or you can choose a ductless system if your kitchen design or building code doesn’t allow outdoor venting. The machine can filter impurities from the air it sucks in before recirculating it back into the kitchen.  

Energy-Efficient Illumination

In terms of energy-efficient, the COSMO 668ICS750 is similar to the COSMO 63175S 30 Wall Mount. The canopy is set with four LED bulbs at the bottom on four corners.

These ensure illumination of the cooking area for better visibility even when you cook in the evening or at night. 

With four light bulbs, the light falls on the cooktop evenly from the top. Plus, they are high-lumen bulbs to offer excellent brightness. 

The bulbs used in this range hood are 2W LEDs. These last for a long time – and consume low energy levels for your overall savings.  

Soft-Touch Control Panel

Controlling this machine can be really easy with the help of the LCD control panel. It is extremely sensitive – and it reacts even to a gentle touch of the finger. 

With the help of this touchscreen, you can control the power and change the fan speed. You can also turn the light on and off with the help of this panel. 

It even lets you control the digital clock and the delayed auto-shutoff timer. Additionally, it enhances the look of the panel, thanks to the cool blue light and the digital displays.  

Easy-to-Use Filters

This unit can use either baffle filters or charcoal filters. That’s because it is a convertible hood for both ducted and non-ducted systems. 

When you choose the ducted system, you’ll need to use the baffle filters made of stainless steel. They capture all the grease and dust – and can be easily washed with a detergent or in a dishwasher. 

However, if you opt for the ductless system, you’ll need to use charcoal filters that absorb all the impurities from the air.

They don’t need to be washed – and you need to replace them every 3-6 months, which is an easy process.

Modern Appearance

This range hood’s design is inspired by the luxury of Italian aesthetics.

COSMO 668ICS750 Island Range Hood - modern appearance
Image Source: Wayfair

The clean lines and sleek appearance make this appliance ideal for a modern kitchen. The stainless steel hood canopy and neck combine with its curved visor made of tempered glass. Thus, it enhances the look and feel of the accent piece of your kitchen, i.e., the island. 

Don’t forget the stunning control panel on the hood. It does an even better job of adding a futuristic touch to the kitchen hood’s design.

Verdict – Is the COSMO 668ICS750 Worth the Price?

An island-mounted cooktop brings the sink, fridge, utensils, etc., within your reach while cooking – besides making the kitchen look stylish. Obviously, you’d want a hood that complements its utility and elegance. 

That’s where the COSMO 668ICS750, with a 380 CFM air suction, steps into the scene. If you have a small/medium kitchen with an island-mounted cooktop, this hood is the perfect match.


Is the air suction of COSMO 668ICS750 enough for an island cooktop?

The recommended CFM is 150 for every linear foot of an island cooktop that spreads fumes in every direction.

Standard cooktops in home kitchens are 2.5′, needing 375 CFM. The COSMO 668ICS750 is a 380 CFM, making it great for a medium kitchen with an island.    

Is the height of the COSMO 668ICS750 adjustable? 

The COSMO 668ICS750, which needs to be mounted on the ceiling, has an adjustable neck. It can be adjusted between 30” (2.5 ft) and 47.4” (3.95 ft).

You must remember that the distance between the cooktop and the canopy of the hood should be at least 30”. 

What is the air suction force when the COSMO 668ICS750 is used as a ductless hood?

When the COSMO 668ICS750 is installed with a ducted system, it offers an air suction power of 380 CFM. If installed as a ductless hood, its CFM becomes irrelevant. CFM indicates a ducted hood’s ability to vent air outdoors, which isn’t applicable for ductless systems. 

Can you mount the COSMO 668ICS750 before installing the carbon filters?

The COSMO 668ICS750 Island Range Hood is engineered to allow installation without carbon filters. This applies to the ductless installation system where carbon filters are required. You can mount the appliance and then put the CFK1-RS filter kit into the hood.

Final Words

The COSMO 668ICS750 Island Range Hood is an excellent exhaust system to go with your island cooktop. It can bring the finest combination of contemporary style and futuristic technology to your medium-sized kitchen.

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